And it was on one of those very quiet nights that my roommate

It looked like a somebody, from the chest up, wearing a medieval war helmet and holding a lance in front of him. Or, I thought, Darth Vader with his light saber. The visor was down [...]

Be honest that things may take a little longer than usual

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They have become a mainstay in the drive to increase revenues

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With our economy moving closer to being cashless

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Like other countries, India is grappling with the uncertain

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Tic Tac Toe Drunken Style! Depending on how fast you brain can

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A sine wave is essentially a positive and negative energy that

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Freedom is best served with civility and luni tics and bad

I just happy they watching. Some fans thought we were going to rig the show for Gary [Levy] but he still went home. Rigging the show is impossible because there are too many rules and [...]

But I’ve only written and published three novellas to date

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This is a very traditional and common method of precooking

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