“CVT is pleased to be sponsoring this award, which recognises the growing need for greater innovation and quality in this area of social care.

Despite sector uncertainty we are agreed that people are generally living longer, and their care and support needs are changing. This is something we are responding to at CVT, as we consider our own changing demographic picture – both now and in the years ahead.

New challenges face both those who access support to live their life as fully as they want, and those who provide the support to enable people to have a good life – with early on set dementia and increasing physical frailty bringing additional dimensions to co-producing person-centred care.

As a sector and a society, we have been poor at responding to the needs of people with learning disabilities who have aged prematurely – with little alternative to traditional care homes for older people on offer. We also know that supporting people with a learning disability or autism, who also has dementia needs an individual, and not an institutional solution.

Growing older and automatically losing your independence is something we are challenging at CVT, by looking at domestic scale housing options for older people and by supporting people to build stronger networks and become better integrated in their communities – and help avoid the blight of isolation that can impact upon many older people.

We hope this national award, and the recognition of all the nominations, helps to raise the profile and the work going on to support older people to remain active in their communities, have positive relationships and a healthy life.”

Huw John, Chief Executive, CVT