Marek Lapham, Business Development Manager at Precious Homes

“The Precious Homes team is really pleased to sponsor the Sporting Chance Award at the 2020 National Learning Disabilities Awards.

As an independent provider of innovative support services for young people and adults with autism, learning disabilities and complex needs, our vision is to be a provider of choice and a supporter of progress in life. We do this by supporting individuals to become as independent as possible and to successfully integrate into the community. This absolutely includes encouraging an active lifestyle and participation in sports, which can have a hugely positive impact on people’s health and wellbeing.

Having watched, encouraged and facilitated one of the people we support to win a Gold medal at Special Olympics football championships in Dubai last year, we have a special affiliation with this award. We’ve seen first hand the positive impact of sport on the people we support and are looking forward to hearing more about some of the innovative and creative ways that other care providers are encouraging participation.

We feel extremely privileged to be able to honour the work of the amazing individuals who are working to develop independence and quality of life for people with learning disabilities.”