The Employer Award (Independent)

Achieve together

The passion for everything they do and their teams was not only out of this world but the stratosphere – and the fact that they had 6,000 heroes was the icing on the cake!


The Employer Award (Not for Profit)

Lisioux Trust

The team representing the Lisioux Trust demonstrated passion for their work force and tenant group, that was palpable. They gave numerous examples of enhanced support to staff during the last year and through the pandemic. They have utilised creative resources to provide online activities to tenants, providing and changing their approaches to management and support and meet the needs of staff and tenants. Their articulated effective team working, and approaches were inspiring!


The Employer of People with a Disability Award

Surrey Choices

As an Employment Support Specialist, this organisation has changed the lives of many people in such a short space of time. Reuben is an inspiration and peer mentor to people with a disability seeking employment during the pandemic which has been a difficult time for us all.


The  Newcomer Award

Oliver Thomason, Community Integrated Care

Oliver is a truly exceptional support assistant. He uses his own personal experiences of having a learning disability himself to inspire others to reach their potential. He is enthusiastic, confident and a powerful ambassador for change . He has achieved so much in a short time, and we are confident will go on to even better things. Well done!


The Support Worker Award

Lauren Hoath, Focus Care Supported Living

Words cannot express how inspirational Lauren is. From her small beginnings she has a huge “can do” attitude. The judges have a huge admiration and respect for such a young person in what she has achieved. She will certainly go a long way and I am sure this is not the last we hear from Lauren!


The Registered Manager Award

Hannah Rundle, Greenlight

Hannah’s energy and enthusiasm for her role as a dynamic and knowledgeable leader shone brightly.  She offers her staff outstanding support and runs a well led service.


The Frontline Leader Award

Katie Clohessy, IBC Healthcare

Katie showed compassion when talking about her staff team and the people she supports, and nothing is too much trouble for her.  She loves making a difference to people’s lives and feels humbled that she is trusted to look after other peoples’ children


The Senior Manager Award

Caroline Muriuk, Dimensions

Caroline clearly loves what she does.  Her bottoms up approach to management has driven not only positive outcomes for people but creates a professional culture in her team. She honors others around her, is the link to success and is clearly driven by her tenacious personality to be a positive force for change.


The Learning Disability Nurse Award

Lyndsey Clare, Hesley Group

Lyndsey is passionate about driving positive practice. She adopts an innovative style and enthusiasm for person centred nursing is infectious!


The Making a Difference Award (Independent)

Birmingham Community Forensic Team.

This multi-professional team have proactively implemented the Good Lives Model to support people live meaningful lives, actively in their local communities. Many of those people had spent years in secure settings, and with creative and positive engagement with support providers, and the local community, the Forensic Support Team developed a structure for those people to work within and be accepted by the community.


The Making a Difference Award (Not for Profit)

Alternative Futures Group

This team are completely dedicated to empowering the people they support to succeed, achieve and meet their outcomes.  Outstanding!


The Trainer Award

James Punch, Accomplish Group

James showed incredible enthusiasm for his work and more importantly for the difference his training can make for the people supported. He delivers training in positive behavior support and in restraint reduction and had developed his own programme which trains staff in working with people to ‘make their dreams happen’.


The Supported Housing Award

Jake Thompson, Care Worldwide (Carlton)

Jake is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about his role.  He and his team seem to be really making a difference to their client group in the housing solutions and services that they provide. This is an organsiation making great partnerships with the local community and making housing options real for their service users.


The Breaking Down Barriers Award (Individual)

Jason Bardell, Dimensions

Jason truly possesses attributes that smash down barriers for some of the most vulnerable adults and flips the attitude and outlook on how a person should be seen, heard and treated. Jason is a genius with exceptional talent who goes beyond the norm and doesn’t even acknowledge how amazing he is.


The Breaking Down Barriers Award (Team)

Books Beyond Words

The judges were impressed at how the tried and tested model of “book club” has been made more accessible across the country and empowering people during lockdown. The focus on current affairs topics and bringing people together to share experiences about these topics (e.g., refugees) which are so important in the world we live in.  Jake and his team really do empower people through pictures.


The Sporting Chance Award

Community Integrated Care & Rugby League World Cup 2021

The rugby world cup and super league programme are incredibly inclusive, positive, partner driven initiatives. They have provided wonderful experiences for people, helping to support positive aspirations and create a better understanding of learning disabilities. The combination of great life experiences, personal progression and profile-raising means this was a clear winner.


The Supporting Older People with Learning Disabilities Award

Senad Community West Midlands

This team described how well their company encouraged and supported their staff and the service users and showed a clear understanding of what is necessary for success. The managers are very proud of their company, which also encourages ‘partnership working’ with outside companies and Local Authorities. Senad has built a strong reputation for a very good service to those that need it in their area.

The Great Autism Practice Award (Individual)

Vicky Hazeldine, Precious Homes

Vicky clearly dedicates her life to her work. The judges were inspired by what she and her team are achieving. An outstanding candidate!


The Great Autism Practice Award (Team)aka

Resolve Care Northern Limited

Resolve Care are a unique, passionate and vibrant team and a perfect example of excellence! Outstanding and inspirational!


The Positive Behaviour Support Award (Individual)

Maxwell Cusack, M & D Care

Max is a PBS Practitioner and Trainer.  He has an exceptional understanding of Positive Behavior Support and is eager to support staff to better understand autism and learning disabilities. An excellent candidate and a worthy winner!


The Positive Behaviour Support Team Award (Team)

Lynsey Way, Active Prospects

This team are a brilliant example of bringing phases of a person’s life together to create a strategy. They adopt a very grounded in approach and are very caring and compassionate.


The Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD) Award

Pendle Gardens Staff Team, Barnsley

Adam is a truly inspirational leader, who has set up the service at Pendle Gardens through the pandemic. The transition work that he and the team have done is over and above and has proved highly successful. A great team filled with positivity and with a focus on a high-quality service.


The People’s Award (Independent)

Zaynab Sohawon, Precious Homes

What an inspirational young lady Zaynab is! Zaynab has lived experience and the challenges she has overcome is phenomenal. She is an amazing advocate for others living with Autism and has achieved so much already in life.  She will go a long way!


The People’s Award  (Not for profit)

Lloyd Page, Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

People with profound learning disabilities are the most vulnerable and assumptions are often made about their abilities, however Campaign 4 Change members are showing that through removing barriers people face, and with the right support, people are not only able to lead ordinary lives, but also contribute to society meaningfully.


The People’s  Award  (Team)

Rivendell Team and Campaign 4 Change, Achieve Together

This is an absolutely incredible team with clear dedication to the people they support. The team deserves to be recognised for improving residents well-being and mental health due to their fun & happy approach to community engagement. The promotion of independence and inclusivity underpins everything they do.

People with profound learning disabilities are the most vulnerable and assumptions are often made about their abilities, however Campaign 4 Change members are showing that through removing barriers people face, and with the right support, people are not only able to lead ordinary lives, but also contribute to society meaningfully.

The Outstanding Contribution Award

Eddie Morgan, CEO, Consensus Support Services

Eddie is an amazing CEO with a great outlook, passionate about his staff team and the people they support. Eddie loves getting involved in the service and is well known by his team and the people he supports. Eddie can often be seen rolling up his sleeves to work alongside his support workers


The Social Care Covid Hero Award

Jordan Smith and Dr Mark Brookes, Dimensions

During the pandemic this team set up various online activities to ensure people remained connected and supported from home.  Their passion for this project and the outcomes it achieved was truly inspirational!


and the special award for  Lifetime Achievement goes to…

Steve Scown, CEO, Dimensions