The two candidates in Tuesday’s presidential election presented starkly different views of the nation and evoked similarly disparate reactions from crowds gathered to hear them speak.In Iowa, Trump said he was the “last chance” to fix immigration and trade. Outside Minneapolis, he said the Somali refugee population there was a “disaster.” Supporters near Pittsburgh booed a song by musician Bruce Springsteen, who is set to campaign with Clinton on Monday night.Chants of “lock her up” came in waves even as news broke that the FBI again said Clinton should not face prosecution for her email practices while secretary of state.As rocker and guitarist Ted Nugent warmed up a Trump rally in a Detroit suburb, he grabbed his crotch. “I’ve got your blue state right here,” Nugent said, referring to states that typically vote for Democratic candidates, including Michigan.”By the way Replica Handbags, my language is much, much cleaner Replica Designer Handbags, as you know, than Jay Z,” Trump said at the same event.Trump has criticized crude language in a Friday night concert that rapper Jay Z and his wife, Beyonce, held for Clinton in Cleveland.”The most filthy language you’ve ever heard,” Trump said at the Minnesota rally.

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