The Employer Award (Independent)

M&D Care

M&D Care have adopted an ethos of valuing, retaining and developing staff, to provide person centred care and support. Despite the recent challenges for the sector, they have adopted innovative ways to nurture growth and develop the business.  Their family values ensure that they really do put people first.


Highly Commended

Prudent Supported Living Ltd

This forward thinking organisation have adopted innovative and person centred approach to support young people with  learning disability and/or autism.  Their value led recruitment

strategy has ensured a motivated and dedicated staff team who make a real difference to the lives of the young adults they support.  Outstanding!


The Employer (Not for profit)

Community Integrated Care

This organisation demonstrated innovation, passion and drive to enhance the lives of people they support. The judges felt that they were a dynamic organisation who focussed on making a tangible difference  to people’s lives.


Highly Commended

Lisieux Trust

Lisieux Trust have a culture that really values and listens to its staff, encouraging active participation into developing the business plan.  They have a wonderful approach to team work, supporting and motivating one another during the most challenging of circumstances.


The Employer of People with a Disability Award


Dunelm have an amazing approach when it comes to employing people with a disability, they not only think outside of the box but also break the rules of their own organisation to provide inclusive opportunities for everyone. This ranges from widening the aisles so employees with wheelchairs can carry stock, to employing people on a one hour a week contract to help build their confidence.


Highly Commended

Connor Price, CGI ITS’s Ltd

CGI IT’s diversification to remove the Corporate commercial catering facility and create a cafe that is Learning Disability Led has had an amazing effect


The Newcomer Award

Jack Priday, Precious Homes

Jack is the very essence of a Newcomer.  From McDonalds to Social care he has demonstrated a genuine caring attitude.  He totally understood his role and has already progressed to be able to mentor and train others.  He is well thought of and highly respected by those above him and has the best interests of his service users at heart.  He brings confidence to the team and is everyone’s right hand man.  He is the ‘go to’ person if anyone needs help. Jack might be new to the sector but both judges were impressed at his attitude and hopes to progress. Jack is a very worthy winner!


Highly Commended

Lyndsey Jones, Journey Enterprise

It was a VERY close call.  The judges revisited and discussed applications for a very long time but in the end Lyndsey was pipped at the post. However she was an extremely good candidate who has done amazing things in the community, not only benefiting the community but also the service users.


The Support Worker Award (Independent)

Julianne Gallagher, SENAD community

Julianna has given 29 years service to SENAD Community, which clearly showed at interview. Julianne’s care and attention for the service users shown through and she demonstrated a huge commitment to Social Care and understanding the journeys of the service users in gaining their independence.


Highly Commended

Nicholas Kikabi, Consensus Support

Nicholas demonstrated that he was extremely mindful of the regulations and what is needed around safeguarding and medication.  This knowledge makes a positive impact on the care of the service users.


The Support Worker Award (Not for profit)

Marvin Hamilton Chambers, Outward

Marvine is passionate about caring for others. He believes that ‘You can do it’ no matter who you are and that negatives can be turned into positives. He uplifts all that meet him and helps those who may be going through the darkest of times. A true inspiration and a true role model with a huge heart


Highly Commended

Roberto Cello, Sanctuary Supported Living

Roberto does not realise what he does. He is a true inspiration, fulfilling lives and helping those achieve their aspirations. He has turned lives around, through his determination and dedication. Not all heroes wear capes!


The Complex Support Worker Award

Ben Doyle, Holmleigh Care

By own life experiences, Ben has turned his own negatives into exceptional positives to benefit the people he supports. Ben demonstrated resilience and compassion whole heartedly without judgement to the people he supports, ensuring they have the best possible outcomes and experiences that they choose and wish for. We as judges, found Ben to be a truly inspirational individual and we were very touched by his humbleness and kindness.


Highly Commended

Jemma Murray, SENAD Community

Jemma is an inspiring individual who has a calming, patient manner and who has faced her own challenges, yet is able to apply a calming influence to the people who she supports. Jemma has gone above and beyond to rehabilitate individuals following Covid, lockdowns and isolation. The impact here is truly heart-warming.


The Frontline Leader Award

Lee Hendon and The Team, Jaffray Care

Lee Hendon and the Jaffray Care Managers showed unwavering dedication to their service users, staff and wider community. When faced with challenges through Covid they stepped up, were proactive and showed great leadership. The impact they had on their nominator was abundantly clear and only overshadowed by the impact they must be making in their community.


Highly Commended

Jason Tweed, Resolve Care

Jason clearly demonstrated his leadership and dedication by championing the voices of service users and staff. He implemented needed change from within saying “I’ll scratch at the door until the door opens”. We were particularly impressed by the ripple effect of empowerment and community created through the football team.


The Registered Manager Award

Jaine Hale, Glenholme

Janie’s passion for care shone through, with both the support to her team and the people they support. With their mantra being ‘nothing about me without me’, she is putting the values at the heart of all she does to make a difference to her team and the people they support.


Highly Commended

Ana Enes, Mentaur Ltd

A extremely close runner up, whose dedication to making a difference was evident to see. Ana is a prime example that it is never too late to enjoy a career in social care and make a difference to the team and the people you support.


The Senior Manager Award

Lauren Wraight, LDC Care

Lauren has done some amazing work both with residents and her managers. She spends a lot of time and attention on these individuals and has achieved some amazing outcomes.


Highly Commended

Jenna Ashworth, Heathcotes Group

An experienced and professional, skilled individual and a positive role model for us all! The positive difference that Jenna has made to the organisation, the staff team and the people they support is inspirational.


The Learning Disability Nurse Award

Liz Smith, Consensus Support

Liz Smith is a Learning disability Nurse for individuals with multiple and complex needs. Liz expressed how her job “Takes up most of my life”, as her passion is to care for others and ensure everyone in her care is happy and healthy. Liz said she fights for everything and doesn’t give up regardless of the challenge.  Liz goes above and beyond, she is a true winner.


Highly Commended

Rebecca Crossley, Specialist Learning Disability and Autism Nurse

A dedicated, experience and knowledgeable care professional.  Rebecca is a great example of a person centred Learning Disability and Autism Nurse


The Making a Difference Award (Individual)

Jennifer Berry, Autism Friendly Caravans

For Jennifer and her family, the caravans mean so much more than purely a business, they are a labour of love. Using their family’s lived experience to support other families enjoy time away, an escape from the challenges of daily life. They are much appreciated by her customers!


Highly Commended

Sarah Cheyette, Cheyette Fitness

Sarah uses her love of fitness and experience as a personal trainer to bring joy to young people with disabilities. Inspired by her daughter, Sarah has made a positive impact on young people in her community, their health, wellbeing and confidence.


The Making a Difference Award (Team)

John Hughes, Community Integrated Care & Rugby League World Cup 2021

A true front runner who was passionate and completely devoted to his work within one of the best community projects in global sport. Giving more than 300 people life changing opportunities to fulfil their true potential through aspirational experiences, achieve dreams, securing paid work and also to challenge and tackle prejudice and discrimination.


Highly Commended

Rosie, Arron, Zena, Gemma and Gemma, Freedom Day Centre

Freedom Day Centre are an amazing family run charity which has brought people within the Learning Disability Community together.  The day centre provides a safe and welcoming environment to enjoy many activities, an evening out. Another important part Cafe Freedom is offering homemade meals at affordable prices for the community, with all proceeds going back into the day centre.


The Trainer Award

Carla Barker, PBS4

Carla oozed passion, drive and determination to improve the lives of people with learning disabilities.  It was quite clear that Carla knew the outcomes she wished to achieve and how to get there.  Congratulations Carla!


The Supported Housing Awards

The Whole Team, Hapton

During their interview you could hear and see the amount of work and passion that has been put into each service user at ensuring their needs are met and at the same time promoting independence for them to be able to live independently. They have also come experienced a lot of negativity on social media but they have ensured all service users are protected from this.


Highly Commended

Prudent Support Living Limited

The passion this team had was inspirational! They have worked hard to ensure to ensure all service users’ needs are met and staff are highly trained in person centred care and support.


The Breaking Down Barriers Awards (Individual)

Abdiaziz Ahmed, iBC healthcare

Abdiaziz is a credit to the sector. His passion for the people he supports shines through. He has made significant improvements to the lives of the people he supports. Creative, innovative dedicated and committed. Abdiaziz will go far in life. This young man has any amazing attitude to life.


Highly Commended

Dhanalakshmi Kadari

An amazing parent who has dedicated her life to her son who shares her knowledge with other parents and carers


The Breaking Down Barriers Award (Team)


Passionate, determined, person centred, creative and innovative.  What an amazing organisation !!  Alana and Sam thought outside the box to improve the lives of those that they supported, pushing and working through any barriers that they faced. Persona centred care and support at its finest!


Highly Commended

Makaton Charity

Hannah is such a passionate and committed individual.  She believes that everyone should live a normal life regardless of any disabilities and is working to ensure all town and cities become Makaton friendly. The passion she has for this really shines through and we know that she will be successful and succeed. Hannah is truly remarkable and a credit to The Makaton Charity.


The Sporting Chance Award

Scott Burns, Wigan Council

Meeting Scott was inspirational! He worked with purpose prior to his diagnosis, but following it, he has continued to ensure that no one misses out on opportunities that allow individuals to rise to their potential. He wears many hats and continues to deliver positive impact across any work that he is involved in and his life long passion for sport and helping those with disabilities came across strongly.


Highly Commended

Pavla Lawrence, Hesley Group

Pavla was passionate throughout the interview. We particularly enjoyed hearing about her personalised and proactive approach and always leading from the front and setting an example.


The Lord Rix Supporting Older People with Learning Disabilities Award

George Greenwood, LifeLongLearning4Living

George clearly demonstrated a passion and commitment for those in his care that goes beyond excellence.  He showed that he puts the needs of his clients ahead of everything else, even staying in hospital for a week with one to ensure his communication needs were met. He advocates for his clients using clear evidence that he continually updates to ensure it is accurate. George said he just wants to wake up every day and try to do the right thing. It is clear he does this and more.


Highly Commended

RT Team Led by Temitope Adewal, SENAD Community

The outstanding outcomes achieved by Temitope and his team have to be highly commended.  The difference they make to their clients lives is outstanding. Their approach to ensuring the best possible outcome is enlightening and their ability to look for the positive in people others have given up on is exceptional.


The Great Autism Practice Award

Marie Jevon, Include in Autism

Marie is breaking the barriers between neurodiversity and non-autistic people.  Maria has used her experiences and has tried to support people to gain the support that they need. Marie’s dedication extends outside of her professional life as she spends time and energy making sure people are offered the best possible opportunities.


Highly Commended

Autism Oxford UK

Passionate enthusiastic and caring.   An asset to the sector and a very worthy runner up!


The Positive Behaviour Support Award (Individual)

Sarah Hawkins, Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation

Sarah showed passion, knowledge and a real desire to work jointly with peers and across many organisations.  This includes formal and informal networks to achieve the best possible outcomes for the individuals and staff withing her organisation, through the use of positive behaviour support tools and a holistic personal centred approach.


Highly Commended

Chetna Satra, Optimal Living Kent

Chetna showed real passion for her service users and staff within her organisation. Her multidisciplinary and holistic approach enabled the users to achieve a quality of life they desire through the detailed PBS.  The service she provides brings humour as well as personalisation into the day to day activities for each user.


The Positive Behaviour Support Award (Team)

Red Kite Court, Precious Homes

Focusing on the small wins, and the impact these make on individuals, Red Kite Court look at PBS in terms of what it means to everyone they support. A real team effort achieving meaningful results!


Highly Commended

Sorogold Close, Alternative Futures Group 

Sorogold Court has successfully changed the life of a young woman through a mix of outstanding PBS practice and shared sense of humour! Their passion for their work and relationship with Sarah is an example of exceptional practice.


Highly Commended

Sycamore Court, Sanctuary Supported Living

Sycamore Court has made significant changes in the lives of individuals in its first 3 years! The team works tirelessly together to update their knowledge and skills to provide the best outcomes for individuals!


The Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities Award

Sara Hunter, Salutem

Sara is exceptional in the way she supports people with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities. The pride and passion for her work is clearly evidenced through the amazing things she supports people to achieve. She is a real credit to the social care profession.


Highly Commended

Drummonds Care Home

Drummonds Care home is a shining beacon in everything that is great. People are not only paced at the centre they are leading the way in developing support that responds to everyone’s individual needs. Some shining examples of how everyone is given the opportunity to shine and take control of their lives.


The People’s Award

Chris Jones, LDC Care

Chris and his team have shown exceptional initiative in supporting some of the most complex people that our sector can support. This award has been presented as a result of a pioneering effort to make a true difference and provide a commitment that epitomises the real meaning of professionals who work in this sector.


Highly Commended

Robert Kutner, Jane Woodwards and Maddie Lawrence, ECL

These nominees clearly show a passion and desire to make a difference. Every candidate clearly has a vocation in supporting complex individuals and a wish to make them involved and empowered.  This approach has made a difference in the lives of those supported.


The Jim Mansell Outstanding Contribution Award

Anna Kennedy, Anna Kennedy Online

Anna has amazing commitment not just for the charity she set up in 2009 for parents, carers and autistic people providing advice and training (borne out of having 2 sons with autism) but the amazing projects she is involved with.  These includ running a school for 23 years, ‘First Steps’, to help autistic people set up a business, anti-bullying campaigns and flash mobs.  Her drive and passion are inspirational.


Highly Commended

Mike Cleasby, Quality Director, National Care Group

Mike has worked in the care sector for 32 years, within local authorities and providers.  Having  started as a care worker Mike understands instinctively the challenges at a grass roots level, how to tackle them head on, and the value of holistic feedback. His strong values base and views as a parent of a daughter with autism drives his passion to ensure people receive the highest possible standard of care.


The Social Care Covid Hero Award

Jade Vallance, Active Prospects

Incredible leader whose foresight and early actions weeks before any official government advice to do so, has undoubtedly saved huge numbers of lives. From securing contracts with PPE suppliers, grants for ipads, setting up and running community and staffing groups and even having spells working within Covid wards, to make sure her service users felt safe. Jade went above and beyond to do all she could to ensure the safety for not only her own company but also the wider community. Jade fully deserves all the recognition she gets for such incredible work during such a terrible time.  A true Covid Hero.


Highly Commended

Andy Ashmore, Nurtrio

A remarkably selfless individual who put the health, safety and security of his service users and staff above his own without a second thought. Andy’s enthusiasm for care and supporting vulnerable individuals really is amazing and he was full of admiration for his company and colleagues and the work that they do. Andy went above and beyond in his work to ensure everyone,  (colleagues and service users) didn’t feel alone in the crisis. Well done Andy.


The Social Care Covid Hero Team Award

The Grange (2016) Ltd

We were highly impressed by the innovative and creative approach from the team at the Grange. Not only were the customers their priority but also their staff. We felt they really created experiences for people receiving support that maintained skill building and learning whist also maintained their safety. Their passion for what they do was apparent and despite the pandemic they created experiences for people which enriched their lives. We particularly liked that they lobbied their MP to ensure that vaccinations for people with a learning disability were a high priority.  They planned and locked down prior to government advice to keep people safe and gave exceptional support to their staff during this period.  Well done!


Highly Commended

Matthew Campbell and Enterprise Team, United Response

As a non-regulated service and it would have been easy to stop running this service during the pandemic. However what this team did was to create something that enabled people to remain socially active, building new and maintaining existing friendships and maintaining structure and routine in their lives.  Sessions were creative and inclusive for people receiving support, staff and families, which supported people’s wellbeing and enabled people to keep in touch.  Activities were designed around individual needs and they engaged  with people across the  country and continue to do so as sessions are now face to face and virtual to maintain friendships. Team wellbeing was also at the heart of what they did.  They held an event on Christmas Day which involved people from across the  country, as well as the company CEO, which supported people to have contact with friends and family which they may not have otherwise had.


The Lifetime Achievement Award

Aisling Duffy, CEO, Certitude

In the words of the team that nominated Aisling: Aisling’s career began as a support worker, supporting people with profound and multiple learning disabilities. Now CEO of Certitude, Aisling has grown the organisation to be the leading not-for-profit provider of support to more than 1,800 Londoners with learning disabilities, autism and mental health needs, and their families.


Aisling first established a group where people with learning disabilities co-produced and informed how an organisation works back in the 1990s and this set her leadership style as a CEO. When asked by the BBC last year to comment on the impact of the pandemic on people with learning disabilities, Aisling did so – but ensured somebody with a learning disability was there to speak for themselves.


Alongside someone we support, Aisling meets every new colleague who joins Certitude. With her passion for supporting people to live their best lives, she inspires colleagues to put the organisation’s values into action. She has championed initiatives including “Treat Me Right” and “Connect and Do” enabling people with learning disabilities to find employment, learn new skills with the freedom to develop their talents.


Aisling is consistently cited by colleagues as an inspiring, motivating leader. She sets the standard of everyone being equal and every voice mattering; organisational strategies are co-developed through processes including ‘Working Together for Change.’


“Aisling is a fantastic CEO. She is caring and leads by example. People I meet and work within Certitude are committed to doing the best they can. I love working for Certitude.”  “I love the values and leadership from Aisling, and Certitude’s mission” – anonymous feedback from 2021 staff engagement survey.


Aisling’s influence extends beyond Certitude. Through her role on the Boards of VODG and NDTi, Aisling works to improve support for people with learning disabilities nationally, ensuring the voices of people themselves are heard, respected and, crucially, acted upon.