“The Regard Group are proud to be sponsoring the Lifetime Achievement Award, as part of the Learning Disabilities & Autism Awards 2019. Many individuals have passionately devoted themselves to making a real difference to the lives of people with learning disabilities and autism and, by sponsoring of this important award we would like to acknowledge their hard work and dedication.

At Regard, we value our long-standing staff and how integral they are to helping us provide the continuity of care which is so important for people with autism and learning disabilities. Many of our staff have worked for Regard for more than 20 years, providing the commitment and passion to truly make a difference to people’s lives.

We have inspiring, open and approachable leaders at all levels of our organisation – people who empower their teams to take responsibility and to use their initiative to provide the best support possible. Our recent Investors in People Gold assessor commented ‘There is excellent evidence of career progression, based on career paths, encouragement and many examples, which are communicated to staff.’ Empowering and developing our teams enables us to retain our staff, which in turn enables us to provide continuity of care for the people we support.

It is central to the culture of Regard to celebrate success – both the success of our staff and of the people we support. We believe it is crucial to recognise and acknowledge the hard work, dedication, excellent care and support provided by our teams, and are privileged to have the opportunity to recognise other similarly devoted staff in the care industry. We are very proud to recognise these extraordinary people and to celebrate their success with you.”